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This was a great little horror game, thank you for allowing me to play it.  I just posted my LP of this game to my YouTube channel, feel free to stop by any time, we'd love to have you.

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Comments below clip;

I don't know why, but I got stuck at the bathroom door. For whatever reason, I couldn't use the bathroom door key. Is it a bug/glitch? Did I do something wrong? I haven't gotten a clue. Please let me know. Enjoyed the game, but, obviously, couldn't finish it.

Creepy awesome game! :0 I played here :)

love this game :):):):):):):)


The eerie setting killed me ahha super scary game amazing job!




cool game it was kinda creepy, i would've left the house immediately if i was in the thiefs position, well i kinda was lol but he didn't want to leave haha, i made a video if anyone is interested :D

Tried out the game!

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Really Good Game.

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Loving the lack of ability to see the environment, and I really mean that. A real horror environment in my opinion focuses on cutting your senses off from you, making you TRULY helpless, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

hola¡¡¡¡ soy de buenos aires es un gusto, me encanto tu juegooo ¡¡¡¡ le hice un gameplay espero que lo disfrutes ¡¡

This is a pretty straightforward game with similar concepts you find in other horror. For as much as I could experience, the gameplay was solid and with some spooks. But unless I was doing something wrong, the keycard wasn't being registered as in my inventory when trying to open the safe. It kept saying 'Need Keycard'. So a game-stopping bug is the reason for my rating. It was an awesome experience up until that point.

Good Work!

u should have right clicked on the device itself to access the keycard not the safe

Actually really enjoyed this game. Looking for more from you dasmehdi79!

Bro, good job and good game! I had a lot of fun playing.

BEST RANDOM HORROR IVE SEEN SO FAR. Made a video with my friend and we was scared and panicking W GAME!!!

I'm not gonna lie... U got me good lmfao!!

My friends and I played this for a Random Horror Games video and I believe this game was the best one we played out of our 8 game roster. The game looked and sounded good and the subtle changes you encounter were amazing! I wish more games would have scares like this one where it isn't outwardly shown to you. There were only some minor things that seemed strange but the game functioned which is more than I can say for some of the other games we played. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to be scared by you in the future, I'll be following to see what happens next 

We play this game at 13:43, Best intro ever at the beginning.

Game looks very good and quite a few jumpscares

Ayo, lit game, but ran super slow for me:( Like, my person was moving super slow, but the frame rate was 40 fps, wtf? No joke makes no sense, but still lit:)

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this was a fun little experience, would have like for the game to last longer and expand a little more on what was the thing we found in the basement, overall it was a fun little game, keep up the great familia!

hey thanks for playing. but why is the game so slow? whats the specs of you computer?

idk tbh, but its for sure my computer, its an old computer hah

I played your game in my most recent video! It definitely did it's job as a horror game lol, had to go and finish it off cam for myself. 

Nice atmosphere and concept. The game was short but sweet. I enjoyed it!  

What an interesting game we have here. I gotta say it's been a little bit since I’ve jumped while playing a horror game, honestly this genuinely scared the hell out of me. The atmosphere was very creepy and had me on my toes quite a bit, I really enjoyed it! I did make a video on it if that's ok. I really hope you make more games and maybe even expand this one, Good Luck. P.S. the video is for comedic purpose so just know that I really loved playing this game and was being stupid have a great rest of your day!

The ambience and feeling of being in the house was great; it was eerie, silent and scary. The darkness felt thick and enveloped the player and the minimal light source only allowed a little bit of surroundings to be shown which was effective in makeing it more spooky.

The mannequin parts were pretty freaky and they did scare me, but it felt out of place as well as there was no foreshadowing of the mannequins as there was to the shadow demon dude. So maybe having a mannequin placed somewhere the player would glimpse at it might have made things more cohesive.

One other suggestion would be to use another way of using the keys as it was a little annoying at the end; the time it takes for shadow-demon-dude to catch up to the player is very little and the player has to stand there and switch keys to then unlock the door which then has to go through the animation before it unlocks. Kind of felt like having a faster way of unlocking the door would be better, but the above stuff did make it more hair raising to escape.

But overall it was a pretty neat and great game! Was tonned of fun to experience and good luck with any other projects you have planned!

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Your game was a part of a 3 random horror games, your game was the second one and starts at 10.37. Those jump scares got me and I enjoyed the story line.I'm looking forward to more games from you. Thank you for making this.

The game was short but really well made. Had some decent jump scares and the graphics also looked pretty good. Looking forward to your future projects!! 

PS. Put time stamp for the games played in the video!



Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and keep up the great work!

I really enjoyed this! (That cue for the bathroom door closing not withstanding..)

It was a very fun time, with some genuine tension and scares, go check it out! :)

Loved your game! It got me so good several times and I loved it! Good job! (btw your game starts at 10:40. hope you like it!)

My mom in two words

This game is insane and amazing! Please watch it and subscribe! 

This game by far had some of the craziest jumpscares ever!

character walks very slow at low fps but other than i love that

thanks for commenting yeah the movement is not frame independent and I didn't really optimize this game 



I actually really enjoyed the game. The jumpscares were good, the sound effects were good, and the build up was really good considering how short the game was! There was only one problem... THE GAME WAS LOUD AS FREAK!!! Other than that keep up the great work homie!!!

Wrong House

Nice game

I loved it! The dark atmosphere scared me more than the monsters did but thats one large thing alot of horror games miss!

Amazing game!! I loved it! I like how the jumpscares got me every time and how they were perfectly delivered! I also think that the idea of finding something supernatural or scary in a house you are trying to rob, just adds to the spoopiness!! Loved it! (also your game starts at 10:40! Hope you enjoy!)
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